Why Does My Back Pain Always Come Back?

If you’re like most people suffering from low back pain you’ve probably experienced the ‘ups and downs’ that come with the condition. Some days your low back feels good, sometimes it gets worse. One of the most common patterns we see in the office is that a client has tried chiropractor or ‘traditional’ PT and while their low back felt during the course of treatment, once the treatment stopped, the pain returned. They may be feeling frustrated and skeptical about seeking another provider. they In essence, they feel stuck.

So what gives? Why does your back pain always come back? In this article we discuss this phenomenon and the importance of movement and strength in finding SOLUTIONS to back pain.

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Is Pain Part of Getting Older? No.

One of the most damaging beliefs in the healthcare world is the belief that pain is a natural byproduct of getting older: the idea that after we hit a certain age, pain is just something we have to live with.

This leads to the belief that there’s nothing we can do. That we’re stuck. That we’re doomed to a life of pain simply because we’re older than we were five years ago. The good news is this is 100% not true. In this article we’ll take a look at the REAL cause of the pain we associate with getting older.

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Building Leg Strength for Runners for Less Back, Hip, Knee, and Foot Pain

Running injuries getting in the way of your goals? While a seemingly safe introductory exercise to many fitness goals, running can be one of the most injurious activities without the proper strength to support our bodies. This week we cover our favorite single leg strengthening exercises for runners that will help you run with less back, hip, knee and foot pain.

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False Beliefs About Your Health That Are Holding You Back

False beliefs are what keep us stuck. When these false beliefs are accepted as fact, they keep us from taking any action to improve our health because they give the idea that there’s nothing we can do. In this article we want to address three of the most common false beliefs we hear from patients in the clinic and provide some clarity that will get you unstuck and on a path to better movement and health and to keep you doing what you love.

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The Safest and Most Effective Ways to Strengthen Your Hips for Less Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Foot Pain

Building functional strength of our hips is one of the most important things we need to do to be sure we avoid pain and can live out lives without limitations. Training the glutes does not need to be overly complicated. You do not need hundreds of different exercises to strengthen your hips effectively. Variations and progressions of simple movement patterns are all you need to guarantee you engage and strengthen your glutes to eliminate back pain and keep up your active lifestyle. Bridging, lifting, lunging, and squatting are categories of exercises that SAFELY strengthen your hips and can easily be progressed and regressed to fit your current ability level.

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Why Strength Training NEEDS to be Part of the Solution to Maintaining Your Active Lifestyle

Annoying, nagging pain keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities? We can guarantee that you need to get stronger. In this article we discuss the benefits of adding a movement and strength program to your current healthcare routine that will help you stay active, strong, and doing what you love.

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Five Foundational Movements to Overcome Pain and Move With Confidence

Hang around us long enough and you’ll hear us blab on and on about the importance of improving movement and strength. But simply asking someone to ‘improve their movement’ isn’t very helpful. There is no cookie cutter approach to improving movement because every hobby and activity has it’s own requirements. How do we know where do we start? Movement is built on basic, fundamental principles. Developing an understanding and ability to perform, strengthen and master the following five movements create results that carry over into any activity you choose to perform:  

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Reflections on Two Years in Business

February marks the Two Year Anniversary of Opening Evolve Performance. With every anniversary we always take some time to reflect. It’s crazy looking back only two years ago and seeing the growth of the clinic and ourselves (Bandit has kind of stayed the same I think). So with this weeks article we wanted to share a little bit more of our story and growth over the last two years.

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Eliminate Back Pain and Stay Active By Strengthening This One Muscle Group

What’s the strongest and arguably the most important muscle in the body? Your Glute Max. Laying at the transition between our upper and lower extremity the glute max is vitally important in stabilizing our pelvis and spine, developing power in more athletic movements, and controlling the movement of our lower extremity in walking, running, lunging, ANYTHING.

Learn how weakness in our glute muscle contribute to back pain and what you can do to strengthen this important muscle group in this weeks muscle group.

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How to Avoid Knee Pain With Lunging So You Can Stay Active In The Gym

The lunge is one of the most ‘functional’ fitness related exercises – meaning that it most readily translates to real world activities. Walking, running, hiking, jumping all require the same muscle groups we train with lunges.

Here’s the unfortunate truth, if you crank out forward lunges for long enough, it will eventually lead to discomfort, pain and injury to your knees. It doesn’t matter how perfect your form is - the nature of the forward lunge puts a lot of force through you knee and patellar tendon. Today we’ll discuss variations of the lunge to help protect your knees

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The Two Most Common Reasons Active Adults Deal With Pain For Longer Than They Should

If you’re used to being active - an injury is your worst nightmare. You have a hard time ‘not doing anything’. You feel lazy, like you have to be doing something. We get it, we’ve been there. Unfortunately it’s this mindset that often leads active adults to deal with pain for longer than they should.

The following are the two most common reasons active adults have a hard time recovering from pain and injury.

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How to Strengthen Your Core When Dealing with a Shoulder Injury

One of the most effective and safest ways to treat back pain and strengthen our core is through a variety of plank progressions. But often times we run into trouble if we have concurrent shoulder pain that is aggravated in the low and high plank position.

In this article we cover three ways we can strengthen the core when we’re also dealing with a shoulder injury.

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