How to SAFELY Improve Core Strength For Less Back Pain

You can go on YouTube and find hundreds to thousands of ways to “creatively” (a nice way to put it) strengthen your core. The problem is that the majority of these exercises are unsafe and will lead to pain and injury if performed repeatedly. When it comes to strengthening our core there is beauty in simplicity. Planks, anti-movement, and crawls are categories of exercises that SAFELY strengthen our core and can easily be progressed and regressed to fit your current ability level.

1. Planks

A staple in core strengthening, the traditional plank exercise offers a variety of progressions to challenge the superficial and deeper muscles of the core in a variety of planes of motion.


2. Anti-Movement Exercise

Discussed in the previous section, exercises that train our core to limit movement provide a powerful and safe way to functionally strengthen the core. Examples include the Farmer’s Carry and Pallof Press (find videos on our YouTube channel).


3. Crawling

Crawling turns traditional core strengthening into a full body exercise that requires strength, control, and movement coordination. These moves mimic activities we perform in the real world and are important for building functional strength.


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