Is Pain Part of Getting Older? No.


One of the most damaging beliefs in the healthcare world is the belief that pain is a natural byproduct of getting older: the idea that after we hit a certain age, pain is just something we have to live with. The worst part is this belief is purveyed by doctors when they can’t figure out the “cause” of a patient’s pain. They convince people that they have a “bad back” or “bad knees” and that it is something they just have to live with.

This leads to the belief that there’s nothing we can do. That we’re stuck. That we’re doomed to a life of pain simply because we’re older than we were five years ago. The good news is this is 100% not true. In this chapter we’ll take a look at the REAL cause of the pain we associate with getting older.

The Real Cause of Age-Related Pain

You’ll probably hear me repeat this over 100 times in this book: pain is not part of getting older. Pain as we age is caused by one of two things: either we’re not moving enough, or in the case of the active individual, we’re moving too often with inadequate form or inadequate strength to support the body. Both of these scenarios lead to small irritations that will ALWAYS catch up to us. To repeat: it’s not the fact that we’re older that has led to our back/knee/shoulder pain. It’s these repeated, small irritations compounded over time that are the cause of the pain we associate with age.

These small irritations come in the form of altered movement patterns that consistently load tissues until failure. While it may look like the pain or injury came “all of a sudden,” the truth is that it has been building up for months (and most likely years). To understand what we mean in simpler terms we can use the following equation:

Poor Movement x Time (Age) = Pain

Looking at this equation you can see that while time is a contributing factor (the longer we allow these small irritations to go on, the worse they get), it is NOT the cause. The cause is the poor movement. This is important to understand because we can’t control our age. We can control our movement. And the focus of this book will teach you how to move in a way that allows you to live your life without limitations regardless of age.

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