Why Strength Training NEEDS to be Part of the Solution to Maintaining Your Active Lifestyle

Is annoying, nagging pain keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities? We can guarantee you need to get stronger. In this article we discuss the benefits of adding strength programming into your current treatment plan to help you stay active, strong, and doing what you love.

Our muscles are the most important stabilizers of the body. When we perform our daily activities, we want muscles to take on most of the load. When we aren’t strong enough to handle certain activities, those forces are transferred to our more “passive” stabilizers (tendons, ligaments, joints) and that is when pain and injury occur. In the knee, if the muscles aren’t strong enough to handle side-to-side movements, those forces are transferred to the ACL, LCL, and MCL and can lead to a sprain or tear. In the spine, if we aren’t strong enough to lift 50 pounds off the floor, the force goes through our intervertebral disc and leads to injury.

Adding strength training to the treatment plan doesn’t mean we all need to be body-builders and in the gym 24/7. But you DO have to be strong enough to handle the activities specific to YOUR daily and weekend routines. It’s 100% individual and is the reason a cookie-cutter exercise plan won’t work for most people. Sit at a desk for eight hours a day? Your postural muscles need to be strong enough to prevent your head and spine from falling forward. Stay-at-home mom? You need to be strong enough to get the kids in and out of the car and perform household duties. Professional athlete? Just a tiny bit more may be required.

The point is that to prevent pain and injury as you age, your body needs to be strong enough to support itself as you perform the movements important to YOU. And because muscle loss is a natural by-product of aging, it is imperative that strength training be part of your treatment plan.

A failure to address the strength issue is a failure to address the underlying cause of pain and injury.

Evolve Performance Healthcare combines full body chiropractic care, manual therapy, and strength programming to help you maintain your active lifestyle. Just ask Kristen, who recently returned to her running routine after being told she just had ‘bad knees’ and was dismissed by previous providers. Incorporating a leg strengthening program and dedication to sticking to her plan and she is back to lunging, squatting, and running with no pain. Perfect timing with better weather right around the corner!

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