Five Foundational Movements to Overcome Pain and Move With Confidence

Hang around us long enough and you’ll hear us blab on and on about the importance of improving movement and strength. But simply asking someone to ‘improve their movement’ isn’t very helpful. There is no cookie cutter approach to improving movement because every hobby and activity has it’s own requirements. How do we know where do we start? Movement is built on basic, fundamental principles. Developing an understanding and ability to perform, strengthen and master the following five movements create results that carry over into any activity you choose to perform:  


One of the most important and most commonly overlooked movement patterns is our breath. A movement we perform over 20,000 times a day – improving our breathing mechanics can save us from years of neck pain, back pain, headaches and even reduce stress and improve our cardiovascular and digestive functions.


The Hip Hinge is THE foundational movement on which all other movements are built upon which is why it's important to spend time creating a better understanding of what the movement should look and feel like. Having a basic understanding of how to bend forward can save you from years of pain.


The squat is the most important of the full body movements. To perform properly requires good movement patterning as well as adequate mobility and strength. By identifying and correcting dysfunctions in our overhead squat we can improve the efficiency of any movement.


The lunge is one of the most ‘functional’ movements– meaning that it most readily translates to real world activities. Walking, running, hiking, jumping all require the same muscle groups we train with lunges. Improving our lunge will build resilient lower bodies that will help you recover from ANY lower extremity (hip, knee, ankle, foot) injury.


These are actually three separate movements that are required to create balance and improve overall shoulder health. By focusing on improving functional movements of the shoulder rather than trying to strengthen isolated muscles of the rotator cuff we can create solutions that carry over into the real world.

By improving our understanding of how to properly perform these five movements we and carry over into whatever activity you choose.

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