Hip Mobility For Runners - How to Run With Less Pain, Increase Mileage and Improve Performance

We treat a lot of runner at the clinic and can say that generally, runners fall into one of two categories when it comes to body types. Too flexible or too stiff. Today we’re working on those runners who fall into the too stiff category - in particular - tight hips.. Tight hips can cause all sorts of issues in runners. An inability to get into full extension can cause out leg to turn out - placing more force on the foot and ankle. Tight groin muscles can pull our leg inward causing increased stress at the knee.

If you’re a runner dealing with tight hips and experiencing pain on your runs - perform this routineto run with less pain, increased mileage, and improved performance.

1. Cat/Cow Lunge

The cat/cow lunge is a fun variations of the lunge mobilization to mobilize our hip flexors and hamstrings in a full body movement.

Tip: Use blocks if hand can’t reach

2. Adductor Mobilization


Tip: Keep Foot Flat on Mat

3. Side Lunge Mobilization

The side lunge mobilization is a great way to mobilize our hip joint capsule in a full body and functional way

Tip: Be Sure to Send Your Hips Back!

4. Air Squat and Hold

One of the simplest and most difficult hip mobilizations is the squat hold. Mobilize your hips and work your quads!

Tip: Sink your butt further down and press your knees out for further stretch

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