Three Reasons Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain Keeps Coming Back

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot conditions we see in the clinic. Many people come in to see us after their 2nd or 3rd round of plantar fasciitis and are frustrated that the pain keeps coming back. We understand how frustrating recurring pain can be - especially something as limiting as plantar fasciitis.

Our clinic specializes in finding SOLUTIONS over temporary relief and have successfully treated chronic plantar fasciitis by focusing on the other areas that are often left out in the traditional plantar fasciitis treatment plans. The following are the three most important (and commonly left out)

1) Improper Footwear

It only makes sense to look at the shoes we are wearing when is comes to treating plantar fascia pain (though oddly many clients tell us this hasn’t been addressed by previous providers they’ve seen for plantar fascia pain). Shoes that are too narrow, have too much heel life, or too much toe elevation contribute to improper loading of the foot and contribute to foot pain. Keeping our toes aligned and out of bad positions will limit the stress that is placed on the plantar fascia and help eliminate plantar fascia pain.

2) Lack of Hip Strength

Injuries rarely happen in isolation. One of the most common CAUSES of plantar fasciitis is something called foot pronation (rolling inward of the foot). A lack in adequate hip strength contributes to overpronation of the foot which places increased strain on the foot.. A treatment plan that doesn’t address hip strength is doomed to fail because it’s not addressing the CAUSE of the foot pronation.

Adding a glute strengthening program to our plantar fascia rehab plan ios vital in providing LASTINg relief to plantar fascia pain.

3) Lack of Functional Foot Strength

Traditional rehabilitation plans for plantar fasciitis focus on building the strength of the foot. Exercises include ‘Toe Yoga’, ‘Toe Presses’. These are all GREAT exercises and is a great starting point for plantar fasciitis rehabilitation as strengthening the small intrinsic muscles of the arch is important. But if your foot pain keeps coming back, odds are that your body isn’t strong enough to support your foot during functional activities like walking, standing, or running.

Single Stance exercises where your feet are forced to support your entire body weight. Try adding in full body, functional exercises like SLDL, Running Man, or Balance Pad Step ups to functionally strengthen the feet for better results treating plantar fasciitis,

Bonus: Nerve Irritation

Is plantar fascia-like pain always caused by irritation of the plantar fascia? No. Many times entrapment of peripheral nerves can mimic plantar fascia pain and are important to address in any treatment plan. Exercises like Lower Extremity Nerve Flossing can help in cases on chronic foot pain as well.

There are so many components that contribute to foot pain. the following are three of the most common we see in the clinic but we could list so many more. If you’re struggling with plantar fascia pain and want to speak to a specialist for free - give our clinic a call and we’ll see if we can help!

Evolve Performance Healthcare specializes in finding lasting SOLUTIONS to nagging aches and pains so you can continue to do what you love and stay out of the doctors office.

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