How Does KinesioTape Work?

KinesioTape is an elastic tape that is gaining popularity for its use in treating pain and injury. Our clients often have a lot of questions about what a piece of elastic tape can actually accomplish  which is why we wanted to discuss the science behind KinesioTape and how it can help you recover from pain and injury.

1. Sensory- Motor Retraining (Better Movement)

This is the idea that K-Tape helps improve movement by stimulating our nervous system. The elasticity of the tape pulls up on our skin, providing a constant stimulus to muscles groups to improve function/activation. Essentially what doing is feeding the sensory system to improve motor output.

2. Postural Retraining (Better Position)

When applied certain directions, the elasticity of KinesioTape can pull joints into better positions to provide postural support.

3. Pain Mitigation

Stimulating mechano-receptors to override pain signals to the brain. Similar to when we rub our arm after hitting it on a wall. We use the power of touch to mitigate pain signals to the brain. The elasticity of the KinesioTape provides continual touch stimulus that can help decrease the amount of pain we experience.

4. Decrease Swelling

One of the coolest applications of KinesioTape is used to decrease swelling after an acute injury. Essentially the 'lifting' effect of the tape helps improve lymphatic drainage to decrease swelling and speed healing.

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