The Key to Long Term Pain Relief

Getting out of pain and ‘fixing’ an issue are two entirely different goals. Too often we see patients get out of pain and believe that their issue is solved, when in reality the movement and strength deficiencies that are causing the pain are still present, almost ensuring a relapse.

Creating long term, sustainable pain relief requires a plan to improve movement and strength through a set of progressively challenging therapies and exercises. The SAID Priniple sums it up nicely:

Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand (SAID Principle)

The SAID Principle is a basic principle in the fitness world that states your body will adapt to the stresses you place on it. Basically, you get what you train for.

This principle, while used often in the strength training world, is often lost in the clinical world. The initial 2-3 rehab exercises have limited benefit after your body ‘adapts’ to the stresses of the exercises. It’s impossible to improve full body movement and strength with just 2-3 exercises repeated for 2-3 weeks. Creating lasting results in the clinical setting, just like in the fitness setting, requires progressions. It requires building on the foundation with more challenging exercises.

Evolve Performance Healthcare specializes in creating customized chiropractic and therapeutic fitness plans for long term pain relief and improved daily performance. Our programs are designed to consistently challenge the body through progressive exercises designed to improve human movement and strength.

To Sum it Up: The only proven way to create long lasting pain relief is a progressive exercise plan and a commitment to sticking to that plan.

If you've tried routine chiropractic and physical therapy and still feel stuck with pain, connect with our clinic and see if our programs are right for you.