Building a Stronger Spine

Low back pain affects up to 80% of adults in the US. It is listed as the fifth most common reason individuals seek care from their primary care doctor and costs our healthcare system $26 billion a year in treatments. We can do better than that.

Long term sustainable relief from low back pain requires a plan. It doesn’t happen with an adjustment, or acupuncture, or massage every month or so. It is achieved through a structured plan to progressively strengthen our body and retrain movement patterns.

The following is an easy plan to correct the most common contributors to low back pain (core strength and coordination, thoracic mobility, postural strength, and glute strength). Start with Level 1 exercises in each category for the first week, And progress to Level 2 the next, etc.

Video demonstrations of each exercise can be found on our Vimeo site:

Three Movement Everyone Needs to Master

Hip Hinge

Pelvic Rocks


Core Progressions – Ensure the proper timing and firing of core muscles to limit loads placed                        on the passive stabilizers of the spine

  1. Dead Bug
  2. 90/90 Rolls
  3. Plank
  4. Bear Crawl

Thoracic Progressions – Maintain proper spinal movement to avoid compensation patterns

  1.  Cat Dog
  2. Supine Twists
  3. Seated Rotations
  4. Windmills

Postural Muscles – Decrease load on spine by strengthening our spinal erectors.

  1. Birddog
  2. Back Extension
  3. Knee Compression/Back Extension Holds
  4. Founder

Glute Strength – Improve control and strengthen the primary low back stabilizers

  1. Squeeze and Release
  2. Two Leg Cridge
  3. One Leg Bridge
  4. Single Leg Deadlift

Evolve Performance Healthcare specializes in creating individualized chiropractic and therapeutic fitness plans for long term pain relief and improved performance. For more information please contact our clinic.