The Essential Self Care Tool Kit

Looking to build your self care tool kit this holiday season? Let's take a look at easy, affordable products that need to be part of  self any care tool kit.

1. Foam Roller

Used for mobility and soft tissue work, a foam roller is a staple of any self care tool kit.

At the clinic we use the Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller. Generally we’re not one for spending more for ‘name brands’ , but when it comes to foam rollers the ‘Trigger Point’ brand does a great job of providing a firm foam roller with enough cushion to keep things comfortable.

2. Lacrosse Ball (or Tennis Ball)

Used for similar purpose as the foam roller, the lacrosse ball allows us to target smaller muscle groups.

3. Bands

a. Theraband Bands

A staple for beginning strengthening and rehab work. At the clinic we use Theraband CLX Bands. These bands offer consecutive loops for multiple grips. This aspect enables never before possible workouts, such as simultaneous upper and lower body exercises and additional resistance for dumbbell training, all with the functionality and portability of a traditional resistance band.

b. Theraband Loops

Most commonly placed around the ankle or thighs,  theraband loops provide an easy way to activate and challenge often under trainer muscles of the hip.

At the clinic we used the Perform Better Resistance Bands. We recomend getting all for resi

c. Mobility Resistance Band

Generally thicker and varying thickness for different resistance these bands are great for mobility AND strengthening work.

At the clinic we use Functional Fitness Bands. We generally stay with the lighter resistances (red bands) as the heavier bands are used as pull up assistance in the fitness setting.

4. Balance Pad

Adding a balance challenge is the easiest way to progress any exercise. Improving balance enhances motor control and kinesthetic awareness to prevent new and recurrent injuries.

At the clinic we use Yes4All Balance Pad for most balance exercises. A BOSU Ball is also a good choice.

5. Kettlebell

The next way to provide an added challenge to a therapeutic routine is through increased weight. While traditionally thought of in the fitness setting, the kettlebell offers a variety of benefits when it comes to self care and functional strengthening.

No recommended brands here however we do recommend everyone have a light, medium AND heavy kettlebell. We also recommend looking for brands with wider handles (so both hands can comfortably fit) and good grip (for when the hands get sweaty).

Got your tool kit ready to go? Don't let it collect dust. Evolve Performance healthcare can help provide a plan to put them to use. Send us a message to get started.

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