Building Foot Strength - The Basics

The foot is the foundation for all movement. It is also the most neglected and underworked part of the body due to our reliance on shoes and other support (orthotics). Weakness in the foot is a common contributor to knee, hip, and low back pain. The following three exercises will help regain functional strength of your foot.

Toe Yoga - Portland Chiropractor

1. Toe Yoga

Toe yoga provides improved control of foot movement while strengthening intrinsic muscle of the foot.

How to Perform: With foot flat on ground, raise big toe (keeping other four toes on ground). Next, raise other four toes (leaving big toe on ground). Last, splay all five toes apart. Note: Cramping may occur as these small muscles are not used to working.

Foot Isometric - Portland Sports Chiropractor.jpg


2. Foot Isometrics

Foot Isometrics further strengthen the small, intrinsic muscles of our foot while also supporting our arch.

How to Perform: With feet flat on the floor, press toes in the floor while attempting to ‘lift’ arch off of floor. Hold for 5 seconds, release and repeat. Note: This is an isometric contraction (meaning there shouldn’t be any movement).

3. Toe Leans

Foot Strength - Toe Leans.jpg

Toe Leans are a full body strengthening exercise that supports the foot in a more functional way.

How to perform: Stand facing a wall (about two feet away). Keep your body in a straight line and slowly lean forward. The goal is to find the angle that you can hold (using your feet) without falling all the way forward. When you get past the point you can hold, catch yourself on the wall with your hands, reset, and repeat.

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