Training to Avoid Injury and Improve Performance

The movements we use to train in a gym vs. the movements we use to train in a clinic differ. In a gym, goals usually center around weight loss, muscle gain, or improved cardiovascular health. And as such, certain movements get left out that don't aid in those goals.

The following five movements are most commonly left out of traditional exercise routines and yet are vital to injury prevention as well as athletic performance. No training program for optimal human performance and injury prevention is complete if we neglect to train these movements.

1.      Breathing

One of the most important (and most commonly dysfunctional) movement patterns, the state of ones breathing is often a reflection of their state of well-being. Restoring normal respiratory mechanics is key to spinal stability and good health affecting athletic and everyday performance.

2.      Balance

Balance and proprioception training is a vital component to any rehabilitation or training program. Improving balance enhances motor control and kinesthetic awareness to prevent new and recurrent injuries.

3.      Postural Training

Your posterior chain of muscles, often referred to as postural muscles, are responsible for keeping our bodies upright. Improving the strength and stamina of our postural muscles is key to preventing overload and eventual injury of our spine.

4.      Core Coordination

Core strength is not the same as core coordination. True stabilization is reflex driven and relies on proprioception and timing rather than gross muscular strength. Improving core coordination ensures a correct firing of musculature to prevent excess strain on our joints, tendons, and ligaments throughout our entire body.

5.      Overhead squat

The overhead squat demonstrates the proper mobility/stability of the entire body. By identifying and correcting dysfunctions in our overhead squat we can improve the efficiency of any movement.

Evolve Performance Healthcare creates an individualized and progressive exercise plan designed to improve these five fundamental movement patterns that are commonly left out of most gym programming.