Five Signs You Have a Movement Issue That Needs to be Corrected

Altered movement patterns, when compounded over long periods of time, are the primary cause of pain and injury as we age. Evolve Performance Healthcare specializes in improving human movement to recover from injury, prevent pain, and improve performance in athletics as well as everyday life.

The following are five signs that you have a movement issue that needs to be addressed:

1.       Previous Injury

The number one risk factor for pain and injury is a previous injury. Any trauma, no matter how big or small, causes changes in our joints, muscles and nervous system which alters the way we move and increases the likelihood of suffering another injury.

2.       Recurrent Pain

Treating an injury without correcting the cause (the movement patterns) increases the likelihood of suffering a relapse.  If you have experienced similar pain more than once you most likely have a movement issue that needs to be addressed.

3.       Gradual Onset

Pain from movement deficiencies usually cannot be pinned down to one specific incident. Majority of injuries are the result of excessive loads from altered movement patterns that gradually and progressively reduce a tissues tolerance until failure.

4.       Sedentary Lifestyle

Our bodies are constantly adapting to the stresses we put on them. Increased hours of sitting and other sedentary postures cause changes in our muscles that create imbalances in the way we move that alter the way we load our joints and, over time, lead to pain and injury.

5.       Limited Range of Motion

Missing range of motion is a common contributor to the pain we associate with getting older. Inabilities to touch our toes or get into a good squat position are signs that we lack the mobility to properly load our joints throughout the day.

When deciding to improve the way we move it's important to open up our minds a little bit and realize that movement effects all aspects of our life. That better movement not only prevents the pain and injury we associate with getting older, but improves our confidence, improves how we interact with those around us, and improves how we perform in the real world.