What You Need to Know After a Car Accident - Portland, OR

Have you recently been involved, or know someone involved, in a car accident? The following things you should know to protect your body and your finances from long term side effects of an auto accident.

1. Your Medical Bills Are Covered (Up to $15,000)

Many are unaware of their PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Coverage that covers the cost of medical expenses (chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, X-Ray, etc). PIP is a mandatory aspect of all auto insurance policies in the state of Oregon and allows those involved in car accident to recover from their injuries with no out of pocket cost.

Oregon is a 'No Fault' state which means opening a PIP claim will not raise your premiums.

2. Symptoms Are Often Delayed

Whether it's the shock and adrenaline involved in a car accident or something else, symptoms of whiplash and spinal sprain/strains often don't appear for days to weeks after the initial accident. While pain may not be present, the body is actively healing and laying down scar tissue which will limit range of motion and can lead to future injuries. Which is why it's important to get checked out, before symptoms present. Studies have shown improved outcomes for those who seek care early vs. those who wait.

From a legal perspective, delay in seeking treatment is often part of the argument made by insurance companies to deny coverage (arguing that because you didn't seek care immediately after an accident, the pain must have been caused by something else).

Moral of the story: Getting checked out has no out of pocket costs and important to protect your body and your finances.

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