Focusing on Solutions Over Services to Keep You Active and Doing What You Love

Taking a quick look at your typical doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist’s website, you will most likely see a full list of their services. Chiropractic adjustments. Cupping. Instrument assisted soft tissue massage. Hell some clinics even call their physicians “service providers.” We’ve been taught that these services can “fix” us, and so it is what most clinics want to promote. The problem? A chiropractic adjustment or one-hour massage alone will never undo years of poor movement patterns or inadequate strength. Services provide short-term, symptomatic relief when what we really want are long-term solutions to our pain.

The focus on services runs DEEP in the traditional medical system. Insurance companies reimburse clinic’s for services they render. They don’t concern themselves if the services solved the patient’s problem or the impact they have on patients’ real lives. The result is that clinics are forced to simply provide stand-alone services and can’t spend the time to create a comprehensive plan to SOLVE the issue and improve the patient’s quality in life. You know what ACTUALLY matters.

If you’ve been to a traditional chiropractor or physical therapist’s office you’ve probably experienced this yourself. Being led to a table with some heat and electronic stimulation. Led to a doctor where an adjustment and some massage is performed. And then told to come back in two days until the pain goes away. You may feel good for a few days, weeks, or months, but the pain eventually comes back (Remember the idea of short-term relief vs. long-term solutions)

A better approach is to create plans that offer solutions. An approach that combines the benefits of these services to promote and speed healing with a comprehensive plan to actually solve the problem. This approach takes into account things like movement patterns, functional strength deficiencies, and lifestyle factors and puts them into an actionable plan designed to help patients achieve real-world solutions to their pain and injuries.

Take-Home Message: Services help you live with a problem. Solutions alleviate the problem.

Evolve Performance Healthcare specializes in helping active adults aged 40+ stay moving and strong so they can keep up their lifestyle, do what they love, and live free of pain meds, endless treatments, and costly surgeries. Our unique combination of full body chiropractic care, manual therapy, and movement and strength plans have helped 100’s of people maintain their active lifestyle - even when other therapies have failed to bring lasting results.

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