Eliminate Back Pain and Stay Active By Strengthening This One Muscle Group

What’s the strongest and arguably the most important muscle in the body? Your Glute Max. Laying at the transition between our upper and lower extremity the glute max is vitally important in stabilizing our pelvis and spine, developing power in more athletic movements, and controlling the movement of our lower extremity in walking, running, lunging, ANYTHING.

Guess what muscles we don’t use when we sit on our ass all day? You guessed it…our glute max. When the glutes are weak, the hamstrings and lumbar erector muscles compensate by taking up more of the work and therefore, are placed under greater stress. Pain often presents in hamstring or low back (even when glute weakness is the cause). The hip flexors become overactive, and when this happens, there is marked anterior tilt of the pelvis and a lordotic curve at the lumbar spine.

Lower Cross Syndrome is one of the most common deficiencies we see in active individuals who sit long periods for work. It is caused weakness of the glute max is combined with weakness in the abdominals and causes a forward rounding of the pelvis and over extension of the lower spine. This places increased stress on the lower back and eventually leads to pain and discomfort.

Lower Cross Syndrome.PNG

Best Ways to Strengthen The Glute Complex Without Injuring Our Low Back

The best way to strengthen our glute complex without putting at risk for injury involves bridging, lifting, and squatting. Simple and effective exercises that will guarantee you engage and strengthen your glutes to eliminate back pain and keep up your active lifestyle.




Evolve Performance Healthcare specializes in helping active adults stay moving and strong so they can keep up with their lifestyle and do what they love without relying on pain killers, endless doctor visits, and costly surgeries.

We recently helped a client who has been back pain for 6+ months that kept her from her favorite Zumba classes. After completing a program that combines traditional manual therapy with spinal stability and hip strengthening she is 100% pain free and able to return to her active lifestyle.

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