Treating Back Pain After a Car Accident in Portland


We're sorry to hear that you were involved in a car accident and hope we can somehow help  in your recovery. We've helped hundreds of Portland residents recover from injuries sustained in a car accident. This guide is designed to provide the steps to treat back pain in Portland Oregon with no out of pocket costs,  so you can focus on what's important, your recovery.

To begin care, the first thing you need to do is:

1. Open a PIP Claim Through Your Auto Insurance Policy

PIP Insurance is part of your auto insurance that covers 100% of your medical costs following a car accident. It is mandatory part of every Auto Insurance policy and ensures that you can receive quality care without the worry of high medical bills. A few points of confusion we often here with regards to PIP:

  • PIP is opened through your auto insurance policy (not your health insurance)
  • You will receive a PIP Claim Number (which is different than your accident claim number)
  • If you were not at fault in the accident, opening a PIP Claim won't raise your premiums

Read out article regarding PIP Insurance to learn more about your PIP InInsurance

2. Make an Appointment with a Doctor Following Your Car Accident

It's important to see a medical professional after an auto accident, even if you're not currently experiencing pain for the following reasons.

  1. Studies show that patients who receive early treatment soon after an accident have better outcomes than those patients who wait.
  2. Getting documentation in the case that pain comes on later. The longer you wait to see a doctor the stronger the case an insurance company can make that your pain was not caused by the accident.

3. Treating Back Pain After Your Auto Accident

Now that, we can focus on what really matters, your recovery. goal should be to decrease pain quickly and effectively, restore range of motion, and prevent any long term complications.

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1. Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to decrease pain, speed healing, and restore range of motion to spinal joints following an auto accident.

2. Soft Tissue Therapies

Massage and other manual therapies promote the proper healing of muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues injured in a car accident

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3. Rehabilitation

Building strength and stability to damaged tissues is absolutely vital to preventing long term complications following a car accident.

Evolve Performance Healthcare is NE Portland Premier Auto Accident Recovery Clinic. Our unique combination of chiropractic care, manual therapies, and rehabilitation plans are designed to decrease pain, improve healing, and prevent long term complications following an auto accident.

No Out of Pocket Costs. Same Day Appointments. If you were recently involved in a car accident give us a call to set up your free consultation.

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