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Whiplash is an injury to the spine caused by and impact that stretches and strains or muscles and ligaments. Whiplash can often lead to spinal instability as a result of this stretching and contribute to long term complications following a car accident. Adding a rehabilitation/exercise plan to your whiplash treatment is imperative for the long term recover of injuries sustained in a car accident.

Best Whiplash Exercises

1. Chin Tucks

Whiplash commonly leads to instability in our neck and back due to the stretching of muscles and ligaments. Chin tucks is an important exercise to help regain strength in important neck stabilizers (longus colli).

To perform: Lay on back, tuck chin, and lift head (don't flex neck) and hold for 5-10 seconds.

2. Upper Extremity Nerve Flossing

Anytime we have have muscle strain or muscle spasm, there is potential for our peripheral nerves to become tensioned or impinged as they run their course out of our cervical spine and down the arm.

To perform: Put both arms out to your side with one palm up and one palm down. Turn your neck to face the palm down side. Slowly rotate your arms and turn your neck. Tension should be felt at side of neck or along course of arms.

3. Weighted Pain Free Cervical Range of Motion Exercises

Returning full range of motion should be one of the first goals of a whiplash rehabilitation program. Weight cervical range of motion is designed to improve range of motion and motor control of the spinal joints and muscles.

To perform: Hold a weight behind your back (pulling your shoulders back and down). Rotate neck to right/left in a pain free range of motion. Repeat with bending to right and left.

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