Best Exercises to Treat Low Back Pain After an Auto Accident

Low Back Pain is one of the more common symptoms to arise following an auto accident. The following exercises can be implemented early on in the rehab process to improve clinical outcomes.

1. Pelvic Rocks

Following any injury, movement is one the most effective things we can do to decrease pain and promote healing. Pelvic Rocks are a great way to get pain free range of motion in our lumbar spine. To roll pelvis backward flatten the arch in your low back. To roll forward you exaggerate that arch.

Note: Keep in PAIN FREE range. In the acute phase, end range of motion may aggravate pain. If that's the case, back off a bit and keep within the pain free range

2. Curl Up

Building strength in our core musculature is important in protecting the spine from further injury. The Curl Up is a great exercise to activate our core. Lift head and shoulders with minimal neck flexion. Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat for 6 repetitions.

3. The Side Bridge

Strengthen more important spinal stabilizers while placing a minimal load on the spine. Make sure body is inline and that hips and shoulders are stacked (not rotated forward or backward). Hold for 10 seconds and relax.

Note: If you you injured your shoulder in the accident this may be an exercise to skip to avoid aggravating the shoulder.

4. Birddog

The birddog is the best exercise to strengthen our postural muscles while placing minimal load on the spine. Be sure to activate your core (to prevent over extending your low back) and avoid lifting your arm and leg (reach for length, not for height).

Evolve Performance Healthcare in NE Portland offers a combination of chiropractic care, massage, and physical therapy to help our clients recover from low back pain sustained in an auto accident.

All With No Out of Pocket Costs.

Low Back Pain After an Accident?

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