How Does Voodoo Floss Work?

At this point, many of you have probably seen voodoo floss being used in your gym or had it performed by a manual therapy practitioner. Voodoo Floss is a manual therapy technique that is extremely effective in treating joint pain as well as improving joint and muscle movement. While we know voodoo floss to be a great therapy tool, the physiological process of how it works is less understood. To we'll cover a few of the more popular theories

1. Compression Distraction

Compressing  a joint with the elastic band creates a distraction force that creates extra room in the joint capsule itself. Mobilizing a joint with the a voodoo band compression allows us to go through that particular joints full range of motion (with no restrictions).

2. Improving Muscle Gliding Services

This is where the idea of 'flossing' comes in. Much like we floss our teeth to remove any gunk that may have accumulated, compressing muscle groups and taking them through their range of motion creates a 'flossing like' effect between individual muscles, breaking up adhesions in fascia that may exist and allowing for better range of motion and movement.

3. Ischemic Compression

Compressing a joint or muscle group with the voodoo floss band improves local blood flow and circulation by temporarily restricting blood flow to the area. When the band is taken off a fresh supply of blood rushes into the area to aid in healing and recovery.

Interested in learning more about voodoo floss or learning how to safely and effectively perform on yourself? Check out our YouTube page for step-by-step tutorials.

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