How Good Is Your Motor Control And Why You Should Care

How  well does your brain communicate with your body? Motor control is defined as the process by which humans and animals use their brain/cognition to activate and coordinate the muscles and limbs involved in the performance of a motor skill. This skill is often lost due to the sedentary nature of our lifestyle. Test your motor control with these two easy exercises.

1.      Glute Squeeze and Release

To perform: Can be performed standing, sitting, or laying down.

  • Squeeze glute (butt muscles) as hard as you can
  • Slowly remove tension from right cheek
  • Slowly remove tension from left cheek
  • Slowly contract right cheek
  • Slowly contract left cheek
  • Slowly release both at the same time
  • Continue routine for one minute

How good is your control? Is it a smooth release from contraction? Jerky? Can you release one side while maintaining contraction in other? To many people (especially those who sit long hours) this exercises can be much more difficult than it appears.

2.      Toe Control

To perform: On back with foot in the air

  • Extend your big toe while keep other toes in place.
  • Flex big toe while keeping other toes in place.
  • Splay toes apart.
  • Repeat sequence for one minute each side.

Proper motor control is vital to preventing injury as it ensures the correct timing of muscle contractions. Any deficiencies should be corrected through practice and repetition.