Functional Rehab of the Shoulder: The Battle Rope

The Battle Rope is a great tool to build strength, power and muscular endurance. Which is what makes it such a great tool for the functional rehab of the shoulder. Try out these three exercises as beginning tools for improving shoulder strength and performance following an injury.

1. Battle Rope Scap Retractions

Strengthening smaller scapular stabilizers is an integral component to the functional rehabilitation of the shoulder. Battle Rope Scap Retractions isolate scapular movement, prevent our shoulders from rounding forward and decrease strain on our thoracic spine and other shoulder structures for improved shoulder performance.

2. Battle Rope Raises

Activate and strengthen the posterior muscles of the shoulder complex. Battle Rope Raises recruit larger scapular stabilizers including the rhomboids and inferior portion of our trapezius muscle.


3. Battle Rope Pulls

Battle Rope Pulls strengthen the shoulder complex in a more functional way by incorporating grip, shoulder, and arm strength. Can be done alternating arms or with a single arm. 


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