Functional Rehab of the Shoulder - The Mace

Functional strengthening and retraining of the body after an injury can be accomplished using the same equipment you find in most fitness studios. When dealing with shoulder injuries, we like to start to with these three simple movements using the mace

1.      Two Handed Mace Swings

Restoring normal range of motion is the first goal of any rehabilitation plan. When your body is forced to catch a weight in motion it defaults into the proper movement pattern to catch and balance the weight. This is best seen accomplished with ‘Two Handed Mace Swings.’

To perform: Start holding mace with both hands directly in front of your body. Let mace fall to left side of head and ‘swing’ begin your back. As it comes back up, actively balance mace in front of your body. Repeat 30 seconds in each direction.

2.      Mace Squat

Eccentric loading is another way to improve shoulder range of motion. The mace squat is a great way to eccentrically load the shoulder while incorporating a full body, functional movement.

To perform: Start holding mace by handle with arms straight out in front of you. Perform an air squat, as you’re a lowering your body, bring mace in a controlled motion behind your head (keeping arms straight). Return to starting position. Continue for 1 minute.

3.      Mace Carry

After range of motion has been established, the program needs to begin with activation of the lesser used muscles of the posterior shoulder. The Mace Carry is great way to activate the rotator cuff in a truly functional manner.

To perform: Start standing, with shoulder and elbow bent to 90 degrees, holding the mace handle. Balancing the mace, walk forward for a total of 100 m. Switch arms and repeat. The farther down the handle you hold mace, the more challenging the exercise becomes.