The Best Approach to Treating Low Back Pain

Our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal themselves. However, it’s unrealistic to expect any injury to heal if we repeatedly provoke it by repeating the same activities that caused the pain. When it comes to low back pain, it’s flawed movement patterns (compounded over time) that most commonly lead to pain. Improving these movement patterns is THE BEST approach to overcoming low back pain. Let's look at a few reasons why.

1. Joint Loading

As humans, we evolved to be bipedal creatures. As such, our hips are meant to be our load bearing and power generating joints. Flawed movement patterns change the way we load our joints, often placing loads off of our hips and onto our spines. When repeated over a long period of time, this always leads to low back pain.

Similar to a cut on our skin, our bodies are always trying to heal themselves. When we repeat harmful movements and continue to load our joints incorrectly we are essentially ‘picking the scab' and prolonging the healing process.

2. Pain Sensitivity (Overriding the Nervous System)

Our muscles and joints are loaded with sensors. These sensors are what relay position, movement, and pain (among many other things) to the brain. By repeating painful motions and repeatedly irritating our tissues our bodies become ‘sensitized’, meaning that these ‘sensors’ become more sensitive to the environment and will be triggered (and relay pain) with even less stimulation than before. This prolongs the injury cycle.

When we find and repeat pain free movements we load these sensors with‘good’ messages that get relayed up to the brain. This is why finding and repeating pain free motions will

Many with back pain would experience a huge breakthrough in their recovery if they worked to retrain their movement patterns. By finding and repeating pain free motions we can stop ‘picking the scab’ and allow the spine to heal.

Evolve Performance Healthcare combines full body chiropractic care with therapeutic fitness programs to help clients overcome pain through improved movement and increased strength.

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