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What Is PiP?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection. PIP coverage is mandatory for all Oregon auto insurance policies and covers 100% of your medical expenses following an accident (usually up to $15,000). It also covers you if you were a pedestrian or a cyclist in the accident. 

How Do I Use PIP?

First you have to open a claim with your own auto insurance, regardless of who is at fault. your insurance provider will seek reimbursement from other party involved.

The accident wasn't my fault. Will opening a claim raise my premiums?

Nope! Oregon is a 'No Fault' state, meaning your premiums will not be increased by opening a PIP claim.

I was a passenger in the accident. Can I use PIP?

You bet. PIP covers everyone involved in the accident. You would open a PIP claim utilizing the driver's insurance.

Can I USe PIP At Evolve?

You know it! You're paying for your PIP coverage as part of your car insurance premiums, you'd be crazy not to use it.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

To get started, give us a call. All we need is the following information.

  1. Insurance Company Name and Claim Number
  2. Claim Adjuster's Name and Phone Number
  3. If applicable, the phone number and address of your attorney

That's it! All communication about care/payments will be handled by your doctor and insurance company.

Evolve Performance Healthcare specializes in the long term recovery following a car accident. Our clinic utilizes a unique blend full body chiropractic care, massage, and sports rehabilitation to get you out of pain, improve healing, and strengthen and retrain the body.


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