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Evolve Performance Healthcare was born out of a vision to deliver long lasting results through expert, individualized healthcare combined with movement/functional fitness programs. Dr. Carl Baird – a sports medicine chiropractor and certified movement/fitness specialist – worked for many years in busy, traditional chiropractic clinics, and grew tired and frustrated with the over reliance on adjustments and other passive therapies that left clients with short term relief - but no long term solutions to their problems.

From this experience grew a passion to deliver high level, one-on-one care that focuses on each clients unique passion an goals. We believe that health isn’t something achieved in a doctors office, it’s something experienced in the real world. Your ability to become 100% immersed in the activities you love - without pain distracting you from enjoying your life. With this vision in mind we aimed to create a clinic focused on helping people stay active and mobile while improving how they experience the world around them.

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