Dr. Carl Baird’s Life Without Limitations Book


“A Complete Guide to Overcoming Pain, moving With Confidence, and maintaining Your Active Lifestyle - Regardless of Age”

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The traditional approach to treating pain is not working.

More than ever, people are forced to rely on pain pills, endless doctor visits, or costly (and sometimes debilitating) surgeries just to make it through their day. All of which provide short term relief without achieving the long-term solutions they are looking for. The problem doesn’t lie in the treatments available. It lies in our overall approach. Our current approach is designed to help you live with a problem rather than completely solving it.

This book offers a NEW approach to treating pain that puts you in control of how you feel as you age – all while helping you grow, learn, build confidence in your ability to handle the activities you love – regardless of age!

Inside our ‘Life Without Limitations’ Book You Will Learn

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  • The real cause of pain we associate with ‘getting older.’

  • Why the traditional approach to medicine has failed to provide long term solutions to things like neck, back, shoulder, knee pain

  • The top ten myths in healthcare that are holding you back from the results you want

  • The #1 reason movement and strength training NEEDS to be a part of any treatment plan

  • Movement fundamentals to get rid of neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain for good.

  • The most common movement mistakes that lead to chronic pain and injury

  • Where to strengthen and what to stretch to protect your body from injury

  • What you can do today, to be sure you can live your life without any limitations

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