Quick Fix for Patellar Tendonitis

A possible cause of knee pain just below your knee cap is a condition called patellar tendonitis (or tendonosis, but that's another discussion for another day). Common in runners, basketball players and other jumping sports, it can be a real nuisance that can impact your performance.

A common way to manage symptoms associated with patellar tendonitis is the use of a 'chopat band'. The chopat band is an elastic, compressive band placed directly over your patellar tendon. The compressive force on the strap decreases the load that goes through the tendon. You've probably seen the bands used by some of your favorite pro athletes:

The chopat band is a great way to manage the symptoms of patellar tendonitis. Treating the cause of patellar tendonitis requires a more thorough diagnosis and rehabilitation plan.

The following video demonstrates a simple way to create your own chopat band using what is called 'pre-wrap' in the athletic trainers world. It can usually be found in your local pharmacy. Steps to creating your own chopat band are easy:

  1. Wrap pre-wrap around upper part of your lower leg 5 -10 times
  2. Roll the pre-wrap up from the bottom until it forms a skinny band directly over your patellar tendon

Easy. Simple. Painless (Unless you have hair legs like myself). Try it out and let me know what you think.