'Feeding The Mistake' - Correcting Movement Mistakes With Banded Resistance

Improving movement patterns is the most effective way to protect our joints from damage. Using bands to exaggerate movement mistakes causes the reactive neuromuscular firing of the muscles needed for proper movement and further protect our joints from damage.

Feeding the Mistake

One solution that seems counterintuitive is to 'feed the mistake'. By exaggerating the mistake with banded resistance we cause the reactive neuromuscular firing of the muscles and stabilizers needed to correct the mistake. This helps strengthen the antagonistic stabilizer muscles to correct the movement mistake and protect our joints from damage.

The following are three of the most common examples we see in the clinic:

Trunk Falling Forward in the Squat

Band Resisted Overhead Squats

Trunk falling forward during the squat is a common movement mistake that can contribute to back and hip pain. Adding a band requires the spinal erectors to fire up and keep the trunk upright during the squat.

Wobbly Knees in a Lunge

Lunge Knee.jpg

Banded Lunge

Placing a band to exaggerate the mistake causes the reactive firing of important hip stabilizers to correct the mistake.

Knees Cave when Squatting or Jumping

Banded Squats

Adding a band around the knees exaggerates the mistake, causing a reactive firing of the antagonistic muscles, protecting our joints from injury.

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