Three Reasons Your Pain May Be Sticking Around Longer Than It Should

Does this scenario sound familiar? You suffered a seemingly minor injury - figured it would go away on it’s own - and months to years later and that ‘small’ injury is still lingering and starting to distract from activities you enjoy. Well you’re not alone, this is a vary common scenario we see in the clinic.

Today we cover three reasons your pain may be sticking around longer than it should.

Continue to Irritate or ‘Picking the Scab’

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. However, it’s unrealistic to expect the body to heal if we keep repeating the irritating activity. It’s similar to ‘picking a scab’ - each time we repeat the irritating activity the healing process has to start all over again. As active people ourselves, we understand the difficulty in forcing ourselves to slow down. When recovering from injury - the goal is to incorporate movement while avoiding the irritating activities, This may involved switching up your routine to more low impact activities while your body is healing.

Longer Standing Issue

Pain is a symptom, not a diagnosis. And what we mean by that is that by the time pain arrives (in non-traumatic cases) - the cause of the pain has most likely been around for months to years. Small, repeated irritations gradually wear down tissues until failure - and to get our of pain for good - we must address underlying causes - rather than simply treating symptoms.

Haven’t Looked Into Getting Help

There are a lot of reasons people delay getting the help they need. They’ve been told to rest or mask the pain with pills. In general they feel stuck - and unsure what the next step should be.

There isn’t a better way to END pain then by going to see a chiropractor and movement professional. Understanding how your body moves will protect your body in the long term. Getting to see a hands-on specialist means you’re going to get fast access to care that will loosen and lubricate stuck and painful joints, relax tight muscles, and strengthen your body so that you can go back to doing the things you love.

At Evolve Performance Healthcare we helped 100’s of clients overcome pain and injury even after their traditional physical therapy or ‘routine’ chiropractic care has failed. We recently helped a client who has been experiencing knee pain for 3+ years that had since caused her to miss out on her favorite exercise routine and weekly runs. She was hesitant to start because of spending a lot of money and seen limited results with traditional physical therapy. After successfully retraining her movement patterns and developing a foundation for strength through our Performance Therapy Program- she is now back in the gym and back to her weekly runs which she used as a prime stress reliever.

If you’ve been dealing with a lingering issue for longer than you should. Please reach out and schedule a FREE phone call or Discovery Visit. We’re Here To Help.