Have you ever asked yourself what kind of EXPERIENCE you want when it comes to your health, and staying active, healthy, and independent?

When it comes to your care, or getting help for a specific problem, are you willing to settle for generic, cookie-cutter exercise programs that may provide some short term relief but fails to create long lasting results?  Do you care if you’re left alone or paid attention to during your session that you took precious time out of your day for?  Does it matter to you if your provider is fully engaged in your care plan?

These are important questions that most people don’t even consider when it comes to getting help for their particular problem. Unfortunately… they find out the hard way that many of these factors DO actually matter if a smooth, Enjoyable, and successful recovery is what you’re after.

The good news is that it’s completely possible to get expert care in an environment that places YOU as the #1 priority… where you have choices… where there is an entire team of specialists dedicated to helping you… and where you can have fun and look forward to your sessions! Things don’t have to feel clinical and sterile, and you CAN get expert health care and fitness training in an environment that is approachable and fun.

At Evolve Performance Healthcare, we’ve designed our services and programs with one thing in mind… YOU!

That means we put a high priority on things like making sure our plans relate to your unique passion and goals. On providing an opportunity to grow and learn so you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to take care of your own body. On creating a fun and approachable environment so you look forward to improving your health and reaching your goals.

We don’t operate like traditional healthcare clinics or high volume exercise studios. We focus on meeting you where you’re at, getting to know you as a person, and developing truly customized solutions that will get you more active, healthy, and mobile – so you can return to the activities that you love most instead of spending your precious time in the doctor’s office.

We believe – actually we know – that 90% of ALL musculoskeletal problems (aches, pains, and strains) can be solved without prescribing medications, without expensive tests and procedures, and certainly without surgery.

If you are tired of trying lots of different fitness routines or “treatments” that are generalized and don’t seem to work… tired of wasting time in offices that only care about your date of birth and type of insurance… and if you’re ready for a care plan that EMPOWERS you with long lasting results vs quick-fixes…

Then you should consider working with us!

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