Treat Whiplash Injuries for Sustainable Relief

If you're living with neck pain cause by whiplash injuries it's very easy to think it may never be the same -  or that if you give it enough time and it will go away on its own. And yet months to years have gone by and it doesn't seem to be getting any better. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Pain caused by whiplash is one of the most common conditions we treat in the clinic. Many people unfortunately come to believe that it's just something they have to deal with. Is this how you've been feeling? We can help.

We've helped hundred of patients just like you find sustainable pain relief from whiplash injuries through our unique combination of full body chiropractic care, manual therapies, and custom movement programs.

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Full Body, Chiropractic Care

Our full body chiropractic adjustments help decrease pain, speed the healing process and return normal motion to spine and extremity joints. When combined with exercise therapy it has been clinically proven to one of the most effective ways to manage spinal pain.


Manual Therapies

The straining of muscle and soft tissue is common with whiplash injuries. Manual Therapies help increase blood circulation to help relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness and make for a faster recovery. 

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Returning strength and stability to our body after a car accident is imperitaive in preventing any long term complications. Regain confidence and trust in how your body will respond to exercise with an individualized and progressive rehabilitative plan.

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