Evolve Performance Healthcare's Therapeutic Fitness Program

Combining our passion for conservative medicine, fitness and fun for long term pain relief and improved performance.


Healthcare + Fitness For pain Relief And performance

How we move impacts every aspect of our life. Our 12 week 'Therapeutic Fitness Program' was designed to improve movement in order to provide long term, sustainable pain relief while improving performance in everyday life.

Suited for those who won't accept pain as part of getting older. Who are not OK with slowing down. Who are looking for a set of structured and progressive exercises to improve how our body functions and performs in everyday life.

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Program Includes:

  • 24 one on one exercise coaching sessions

  • 12 Full Body Therapy Sessions

  • Detailed Exercise Progressions to Continually challenge the body

  • Personalized Workbook with Exercise Pictures and Descriptions

  • 100 + Exercises and Descriptions

  • Video Demonstrations


Program Benefits:

  • Long Term, Sustainable Pain Relief
  • Confidence and Control in how your body moves and feels.
  • Better productivity at work
  • Lifelong tools to prevent and manage pain
  • Surrounded by a community dedicated to your success
  • A sense of self satisfaction coming from the fact that you now know more about human movement and fitness than 80% of the general population :)


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