Evolve Performance Healthcare's Therapeutic Fitness Program


Our Therapeutic Fitness Program is a step by step guide to move better, become stronger and live pain free.

Over the course of 24 visits you will learn the fundamentals of human movement and ingrain them through practice and repetition. The program is broken down into 3 components.

Month 1:

Awareness And Control

Gain greater awareness of how your body moves with slow, controlled range of motion and muscle activation exercises.

Month 2:

Lengthen And Strengthen

Become stronger and more flexible through the practice of full body mobility and strengthening exercises.

Month 3:

Integrate and Incorporate

Improve coordination and timing of movements by integrating and incorporating the fundamental patterns with full body, dynamic exercises

What You'll Gain

The benefits of our Therapeutic Fitness Program extend beyond long term pain relief. It’s important that we open up our mind and realize that improving the way we move impacts every aspect of our life. Through our program you can expect:

  • Improved productivity at work
  • Improved confidence
  • Lifelong tools to prevent and manage pain
  • Invitation to weekend adventure around the Portland area
  • A sense of self satisfaction coming from the fact that you now know more about human movement and fitness than 80% of the general population :)
  • Long term, sustainable pain relief
  • Being surrounded by a community dedicated to self improvement
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Improved interactions with those around you