Our clients are what make this place so special. Watching them pursue their passions is what gets us excited each morning.

Here's what a few of our clients are up to:


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After years of cycle training and putting up with aches and pains, I’ve discovered that my patterns of movement just needed to be retrained! Evolve has enthusiastically and successfully helped me to live and pedal without pain (and what to do if...)! Thank you!
— Kristina N
I was worried about my knee and shoulder pain interfering with my trip abroad. Our plan gave me the strength and confidence to truly enjoy my vacation in Italy. Thank You!
— Collette C.
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I’ve been seeing Evolve now for 2 months and my jaw and shoulder mobility and strength have improved immensely.  I can now enjoy my two passions of performing and exercise on a consistent and pain free basis!  Thanks Dr. Baird!!
— Curtis - Mid 40's - Portland, OR
Working with Evolve helped to understand what it means to build a foundation for the body. This allowed me to take the work that we did in the clinic and apply it to the course.
— Jared B.
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I’m incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with you. It’s a week before the kick off of Stags season. I am stronger, quicker, more flexible and explosive than any other time in my life. Thank you for all of the time and energy you have out in to help me in this journey
— Jeremy N.
Just completed the Shamrock Half Marathon and wanted to let you know I had no pain, nada, anywhere on my lower legs. Pretty amazed! Shin splints gone, and usually I’d have quite a bit of soreness post-run on the anterior muscles of the lower leg but those feel totally fine today too. So clearly, much stronger there now!
— Alexis R.
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I have had Plantar Faciitis for 8 months and was not able to walk the golf course. Treatments along with some exercises has me back on the golf course. Thank you!
— David M.
I’ve been working with Evolve for a few months. I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far. Being a 220 former professional athlete, and currently an avid/ full time competitive CrossFitter, Evolve has done a tremendous job keeping me pain free and able to compete.
— Jake H.