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Your stories are what drive us. We love to share your successes as a way to inspire others.

Just completed the Shamrock Half Marathon and wanted to let you know I had no pain, nada, anywhere on my lower legs. Pretty amazed! Shin splints gone, and usually I’d have quite a bit of soreness post-run on the anterior muscles of the lower leg but those feel totally fine today too. So clearly, much stronger there now!
— Alexis R.
I’m incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to work with you. It’s a week before the kick off of Stags season. I am stronger, quicker, more flexible and explosive than any other time in my life. Thank you for all of the time and energy you have out in to help me in this journey
— Jeremy N.
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I have had Plantar Faciitis for 8 months and was not able to walk the golf course. Treatments along with some exercises has me back on the golf course. Thank you!
— David M.
I’ve been working with Evolve for a few months. I’ve really enjoyed the experience so far. Being a 220 former professional athlete, and currently an avid/ full time competitive CrossFitter, Evolve has done a tremendous job keeping me pain free and able to compete.
— Jake H.