Live Your Life Without Limitations - Regardless of Age.

As we get older, the traditional approach to healthcare becomes less and less effective. The short term benefits of the chiropractic adjustment, A good massage, or isolated physical therapy fails to help us maintain an active and strong lifestyle.

To Keep Up With our active lifestyles, our body REQUIRES us to not only heal, but to protect the body through improved functional strength and better movement patterns. Performance Healthcare is a new approach to healthcare that combines the BENEFITS of traditional manual therapy with movement and strength programs - allowing us to take back control of how we feel as we age.

Our Performance Healthcare Plans promise to deliver life changing, Real World Results. Each program is individually designed to match your unique passion and goals - regardless of age or ability level.

Combining the Benefits of Manual Therapy w/ Movement and Strength Training

If pain is keeping you from your active lifestyle and you’ve had limited results with traditional physical therapy and routine chiropractic care - our performance care plans can help. IT ALL STARTS WITH A FREE CONVERSATION

What Sets Performance Care Apart?

Traditional Healthcare Vs. Performance Care

Performance Healthcare

  • Improved Function and Performance

  • Long Term, Sustainable Results

  • Fosters Self Reliance and Confidence

  • Active, Movement Based Therapies

  • Proactive and Preventative

  • Treats Whole Body

Traditional Healthcare

  • Symptom Management

  • Short Term Relief

  • Reliance on Doctors, Treatments and Technology

  • Passive Treatments

  • Reactive

  • Treats Isolated Body Parts

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