Creating Smart, Strong and Self Reliant Human Beings


Performance healthcare is focused on taking control of our health. On creating a vision for our future, and forming a plan to create that future.


Performance vs. Traditional Healthcare

Performance Healthcare

  • Improved Function and Performance
  • Long Term, Sustainable Results
  • Fosters Self Reliance and Confidence
  • Active, Movement Based Therapies
  • Proactive and Preventative
  • Treats Whole Body

Traditional Healthcare

  • Symptom Management
  • Short Term Relief
  • Reliance on Doctors, Treatments and Technology
  • Passive Treatments
  • Reactive
  • Treats Isolated Body Parts

Performance Care is Based On Patient Goals.

We're Happy to Help With Any Of the Following

Clinical Care

Local pain relief, faster healing, and injury recovery through improved joint and tissue function.

  • Full Body, Chiropractic Adjustments
  • All Soft Tissue and Taping Therapies
  • Localized Rehabilitation Exercises

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Performance Therapy

Regain confidence after an injury by strengthening and retraining your body for longer term pain relief.

  • All the Benefits of the Clinical Care Package
  • Individualized, Full Body Rehabilitation Plan

Long Term, Sustainable Pain Relief

For those looking to take control of their health and create the future they envision. Our twenty four visit 'Therapeutic Fitness Program' is a full body, progressive exercise plan designed to improve the movement, strength and coordination of the enture body for long term pain relief. and improved performance.


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