Pain Free Running Program

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Combining traditional rehabilitation exercises with functional strength exercises, our 'Pain Free Running Program' provides a step-by-step guide to reach your running goals.

eight week digital program, Custom Video demonstrations, Lifetime access, Easy Access to Expert pain and movement specialists

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What Will This Program Do For You?

  • Less pain while running and fewer running related injuries
  • A better understanding of causes of common running injuries
  • Build functional strength so your body is better able to handle the impact of running
  • Teach easy running warm ups
  • Provide lifelong tools to manage running related pain
  • Better core strength and coordination
  • How to incorporate new movements into a running  routine


Pain HOlding You Back From Reaching Running GOals?

Getting back into running after a long layoff?

shin splints? IT Band Syndrome? Achilles Pain? Foot Pain?

Limited Benefit from chiropractic adjustments or other physical therapies?

Looking For a Structured exercise Plan to specifically designed for runners?


This Program Is For You

I have always experienced nagging injuries when I run. Evolve’s program has helped me feel stronger and experience less pain on my runs. Thank you!
— Brittney M.
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Frequently Asked Questions


How Will The Course Be Delivered?

The course will be delivered as a digital booklet which will give you lifelong access.

How is training structured?

Training is structured as an eight week program. Each session includes a warm up, rehabilitation, and movement patterning exercises designed to last 15-20 minutes per session.

What Equipment Is Needed?

While the program is designed to be mostly body weight exercises, we do recommend having access to some weights and bands.

Who Is The Class Not For?

This course is not meant to diagnose or treat conditions of the spine and low back. If you have debilitating back pain, numbness and tingling into the extremities, trouble urinating, or any other serious concerns, please consult your doctor.


About Dr. Carl Baird

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Dr. Baird has worked in the sports medicine and movement fields for the past six years. Before that he was a trainer and performance coach. He enjoys all aspects of movement as a regular CrossFit athlete and yoga enthusiast.

His approach is unique in it's simplicity. Helping clients overcome pain and injury by mastering simple movements through practice and repetition.

The Mission

Create strong, smart, and self reliant human beings. 

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