We Help Active Adults Stay Moving and Strong to Keep Up With Their Lifestyle, Do What They Love, and Live Free of Pain Meds, Endless Doctor Visits, and Costly Surgeries.

Have YOU ever been told that your pain is just one of those things that comes with age, is part of your job, or that it runs in the family? Worse, do you stress and worry that this problem may eventually cause you to miss out on your exercise routine, outdoor adventures, or family vacations?

You should know that you’re not alone. Reality is that most active adults don’t have debilitating low back pain. They have daily, annoying low back pain and live with the stress and worry that it will one day get worse and cause them to miss out on the activities they love.  And they are probably right.

These small occurrences always add up to a bigger problem.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • Pain Distracting You From Truly Enjoying Your Active Lifestyle?

  • Worried About Needing Costly and Debilitating Surgery?

  • Tried Physical Therapy and Routine Chiropractic Care With LImited Results?

  • Worried Daily, Annoying Pain May Eventually Get Worse and Force You to Slow Down?

  • Stress That Pain May Cause You to Miss Out on Family and Friend Outings?

  • Tire of Relying on Pain Meds and Endless Doctor Visits To Feel Good

If Any of This Sounds Familiar We Would Love To Help. It All Starts WIth a Free Conversation

Each Session With Evolve Includes Hands On Manual Therapy And CUstomized Exercise Instruction. Evolve Utilizes the Following Tools to Build a Care Plan That Fits Your Unique Passion and Goals.

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Full Body, Chiropractic Adjustments

Full body, chiropractic adjustments designed to decrease pain and speed healing, improve nervous system function, and restore mobility to joints.

Movement and Strength Programming

Protect your joints through improved movement and functional strength with your own custom therapeutic fitness program. Our custom plans provide the groundwork for sustainable pain relief and improved confidence following an injury.

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Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage

Stainless steel tools used to break adhesions and scar tissue in muscles and fascia to improve strength, elasticity, and neuromuscular control of our muscles and surrounding tissues.


Elastic Tape designed to decrease pain and swelling, improve muscle function, provide support without limiting range of motion.

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Cupping Therapy Portland, OR.jpg


Silicon cups provide a suctioning effect to increase blood flow to injured area, speed healing, and manage pain through manipulation of our peripheral nerves.

Sports Rehabilitation

Individualized, progressive rehabilitation plans designed to improve mobility, stability, and strength in order for you to return to sport (or other activity).

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Tissue Flossing

IMproved mobility, speed healing, and improve muscle function with tissue flossing.

HyperVolt Vibration Massage

Help relax sore and stiff muscles with the HyperVolt Vibration Massage. Just as the name suggests, the HyperVOLT vibrates at a high frequency to promote circulation, improve range of motion, and decrease muscle pain.

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Functional Movement Assessment Portland, OR.jpg

Functional Movement Assessment

Each program at Evolve includes a full body, movement assessment to identify imbalances and movement compensations so we can create a plan customized to correct the uniqeu requires of your body.