Our Programs combine chiropractic sports therapies with therapeutic fitness Exercises to reach a number of patient goals

Pain Relief and Injury rehab

Our clinical care package provides local pain relief, faster healing, and injury recovery through improved joint and tissue function. It includes:

  • Full Body, Chiropractic Adjustments
  • All Soft Tissue and Taping Therapies
  • Localized Rehabilitation Exercises

Our Performance Therapy package is designed to achieve long term, sustainable pain relief through full body chiropractic care and full body movement and strength program.

  • All the Benefits of the Clinical Care Package
  • Full Body Movement and Functional Strength Plan

Long term, Sustainable pain relief

Better Movement and INcreased STrength

A step by step guide to move better, become stronger, and live pain free. Our Therapeutic Fitness program is a 24 visit progressive exercise plan to teach the fundamentals of movement and ingrain them through full body functional movements.