Recover From Car Accidents With therapies designed for athletes.

Auto Accident Chiropractor
MVA Chiropractor

Full Body, Chiropractic Care

Our full body chiropractic adjustments help the body heal by returning normal motion to spine and extremity joints. Athletes utilize chiropractic adjustments to decrease pain, improve nervous system function, and move more efficiently for improved performance.

When combined with exercise therapy it has been clinically proven to one of the most effective ways to manage spinal pain.




Muscle injury from a car accident behaves very similar to the sprain/strains suffered by athletes. Massage helps increase blood circulation to help relieve muscle tension, reduce soreness and make for a faster recovery. 




Sports Rehabilitation

Following an injury, it's vital to strengthen and retrain the injured areas to ensure a seamless transition from rehabilitation to performance. Regain confidence and trust in how your body will respond to exercise with an individualized and progressive rehabilitative plan.

When it comes to recovering from a car accident, one size does not fit all. Those dedicated to fitness and sports have different goals and aspirations than the general population. At Evolve Performance Healthcare we utilize our sports therapy to help athletes recover from car accidents.