Do You Have Nagging Back, Knee, Shoulder Pain That Gets in the Way of Exercising?

Are You Ready for an Exercise Program That Will Make You Feel Strong But Won’t Stress Your Joints or Put You at Risk for Injury?

Then our ‘Movement 101: Life Without LImitations’ Program is perfect for you!

*Only 15 Spots Available*

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We Offer This Program In The Fall, Winter, and Spring

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Movement 101: Life Without Limitations is a one-of-a-kind, 8-week program that delivers safe, yet highly effective fitness-based movement and strength exercises that will improve mobility, strength and movement patterning so you can live life with no limitations - regardless of age.

This program is more than just a class - it's an educational experience that will leave you feeling more confident and empowered about how to exercise and perform your daily activities without pain!  

Why This Program?

Move Well. Then Move Often. The universal motto for manual therapy and movement specialists that helps clients avoid the pain we associate with getting older. Unfortunately, most people that come to see us have skipped the first step of 'Move Well' and went right into 'Moving Often.' Without the foundation for what proper movement should look (and more importantly, FEEL like) we are setting ourselves up for pain and injury later on down the line. 

This eight week program is designed to provide a better understanding of how to move in a way to protect our joints and and strengthen muscles in way to avoid the most common cause of age related pain - without ever needing prescription pain medications or expensive procedures.  

Who It’s For:

This program is perfect for people aged 30+ who are starting to experience pain with their regular exercise routine or daily activities and are worried that it may eventually force them to miss out. It’s perfect for you if you’re getting older - or worried about getting older - and don’t want bad movement habits that may have built up over the years to slow you down or get worse! It's also perfect for people who returning to their fitness routine after a long layoff or previous injury and want more confidence in how to properly move to avoid pain and injury.  

**This program is limited to just 15 people and by application only.**  

Here’s The Schedule…

Week 1: The Importance of Movement

  • How movement can both help and hurt the healing process

  • Five signs you have a movement issue that needs to be addressed

  • Learn basic anatomy of the body to better understand what we should be mobilizing vs. stabilizing

  • The difference between mobility and motor control restrictions and the ‘Fix’ For Tight Hamstrings.

Week 2: Movement Patterning #1: HINging to Lifting

  • How to use breath to develop movement patterns and protect your spine.

  • Why the hinge is THE most important to movement to master to prevent pain in the gym

  • The five most common mistakes people make with the hinge

  • How to lift weight from the ground without injuring your back

  • How to generate power from your hips to perform common fitness movements

Week 3: Movement Patterning #2: The Squat and Lunge

  • Determining the best foot position for the squat based on YOUR body

  • The one squatting cue that will save your low back

  • The difference between the forward and reverse lunge and what it means for your knees

  • Learn progression/regressions of the squat and lunge based on experience/ability level

Week 4: Core Strength and Core Coordination

  • What exactly is your core (hint: it’s not your abs)?

  • The difference between core strength and core coordination

  • Why Your Core Routine May Be Doing More Harm Than Good and How to Correct

  • Dr. Baird’s favorite core ‘prep’ exercise to fire up the abs

Week 5: Functional Strength: Hips, Glutes, Hamstring

  • Meet your "power house" and why it's so important

  • Are your hamstrings tight or unable to relax?

  • Learn the importance of your posterior and lateral chain of muscles in preventing pain and injury.

  • Learn basic strengthening exercises w/ progressions and regressions based on experience/ability level

Week 6: Functional Strength: The Spine

  • Three Essential Exercises for Low Back Health

  • Most Common Mistakes People Make When Treating Back Pain

  • How to reverse hours of sitting at a desk

  • Dr. Baird’s favorite spinal strengthening exercise

Week 7: Mobility Work

  • Learn how to measure and correct any ankle mobility issues for less pain with walking/running

  • How to maintain a mobile mid back for less neck and shoulder pain

  • Your own five minute hip mobility routine.

  • Learn basic mobility exercises of the w/ progressions and regressions based on level

Week 8: Self Care STRATEGIES and EXERCISE Plan

  • The fundamentals of foam rolling, nerve flossing, and other self care strategies to help you manage pain on your own.

  • The equipment you need for your own ultimate self-care toolkit

  • Take a look back and review everything you've learned (you'll never think about movement in the same way again)

  • Graduation exercise routine and party!

Can't make every session in person? 

Not a problem!  

We are setting up a private Facebook group where you can ask your questions in between sessions and you will receive handouts and videos of everything we cover.

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