Strengthen and Retrain Your Body After A Car Accident

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We've covered ways to get out of pain pain relief and protect your spine from further injury following a car accident.

It's now time to strengthen and retrain the injured tissues for long term pain relief

  • The Dead Bug

A very low impact core stabilization exercise, the dead bug is a must following a car accident.

To perform: Laying on your back in the 90/90 position (arms straight above shoulders and knees bent and directly above hips). Slowly lower right arm to floor and then return to starting position. Slowly lower left leg to ground, touching toe, and return to starting position. Repeat for one minute.

  • Bird Dog

Another low impact, low back stabilization exercise the bird dog helps strengthen our postural muscles that can get damaged following a car accident.

To perform: Start in ‘All Four’ position. Slowly raise right arm above your head until parallel with body. Return to starting position. Slowly extend left leg straight out until parallel to body. Repeat with left arm followed by right leg. Continue for one minute.


These are the beginning strengthening exercises to any rehabilitation plan following a car accident. It's important to progress and challenge to ensure a full recovery.

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