Massage Therapy Packages To Help Overcome Aches and Pains While Letting Go of Both Physical and Mental Tension


Massage Therapy Packages

Our massage therapy specialists utilize an engaging mix of techniques to help active adults aged 40+ stay moving and strong so they can keep up their lifestyle, do what they love, and live free of pain meds, endless treatments and costly surgeries.

Silver – 60 Minute Healing Massage

Our healing packages apply nourishing touch to improve circulation, remove inflammation and overcome aches and pains - all while letting go of tension both mentally and physically.

Gold – 90 Minute Lifestyle Massage

Our best work is done in 90-minute increments. Our lifestyle packages are for those who consistently strive to get the most out of their bodies. Expect an engaging mix of techniques to promote flexibility, improved function, and better mood and mental clarity.


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Stay Active and Strong By Combining the Benefits of Massage Therapy with our Full Body Chiropractic Care, Manual Therapy, and Movement and Strength Training

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