Marina - Client Experience Coordinator

Marina’s passion for an active lifestyle began when she was a child taking gymnastics lessons and found out that she could do more push-ups than her much older brother. It took Marina a decade and a half to realize she wanted to make fitness her career, though her goal was always to help people. After testing a few career paths, she came back to fitness and dove into the administrative and management side.

While working in boutique fitness was fulfilling because she knew she was helping people become active- and watching them fall in love with fitness- it wasn’t enough. Marina decided that she wanted to be a part of something bigger, something better. She decided to pursue her personal training as well as nutrition coach certifications, and find a company that she truly believes in. While she is still in pursuit of her certifications, many years in the industry has shown her the importance behind the way the body moves, not just the weight it lifts. She is incredibly excited to be working for Dr. Baird and have the opportunity to watch people train their bodies out of pain so that they can do what they love- without stress or worry.


  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Portland State University

  • ACE-Certified Personal Trainer - Expected 12/2019

  • PN1 Nutrition Coach – Expected 12/2019

Fun Facts:

  • Has an adventurous Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier named Kinclaith (“Kin”)

  • Could eat sushi every day for a year and still not be sick of it

  • Waited for her Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry acceptance letter until she was 12 (just in case it got lost in the mail for a year)

  • Has a love (and a knack) for bad puns and dad jokes

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