The Ultimate Guide to Low Back Health

Our four week exercise program was created by our team of expert doctors and fitness specialists to build a stronger low back, create better overall movement, and improve performance in athletics as well as day to day life. 

Instructions, Videos, And Progressively Challenging PLan to strengthen your low back

- Only $99 -

I can’t say enough good things about this course. It’s not just a list of exercises, but an educational experience that’s given me tools to take care of myself.
— James P.

What Will This Class Do For You?

  • Teach Fundamental Movement Patterns To Protect Your Low Back From Future Injury
  • Improve Breathing Mechanics for Improved Spinal Stability and Performance
  • Provide Lifelong Tools to Manage Low Back Pain
  • Create Better Posture Through The Strengthening of the Our Posterior Chain of Muscles
  • Better Core Strength and Coordination
  • Improve Motor Control and Awareness To Low Back Stabilizers 
  • Provide a sense of self satisfaction coming from the fact that you now know more about how to keep your low back healthy than 80% of the general population :)



Been Told You Have a Bad Back?

Sit For Long Hours?

On and Off LOW Back Issues?

Limited Benefit from chiropractic adjustments or other physical therapies?

Or Maybe You're a Practitioner Who Work With Clients That Do?


This Class Is For You.


Bonus Materials Included in Course:

Three Tests to Determine The Health Of Your Low Back

The Five Foundational Movements For Low Back Health

Three Movements to Protect Your Low Back

When 'Back Pain' isn't a 'Back Issue'

Frequently Asked Questions


How Will The Course Be Delivered?

The course will be delivered once a week (for four weeks) via email. Each Monday at 7 AM, you will receive access to that week's module.

Who Is The Class Not For?

This course is not meant to diagnose or treat conditions of the spine and low back. If you have debilitating back pain, numbness and tingling into the extremities, trouble urinating, or any other serious concerns, please consult your doctor.


About Dr. Carl Baird

Dr. Carl Baird - Low Back Pain Relief

Dr. Baird has worked in the sports medicine and movement fields for the past five years. Before that he was a trainer and performance coach. He enjoys all aspects of movement as a regular CrossFit athlete and aerial yoga enthusiast.

His approach is unique in it's simplicity. Helping clients overcome pain and injury with the mastering of simple movements through practice and repetition.

The Mission

Create strong, smart, and self reliant human beings. 

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