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Education is the starting point in our mission to create smart , strong, and self reliant human beings. The following gudes are designed to give you the tools to help take care of yourself.


Essential Exercises For Low Back Pain

When recovering from low back pain it's important to strengthen our spinal stabilizers while minimizing the load that goes through the spine itself.  Learn the three non-negotiable exercises that everyone needs to aster when overcoming low back pain.

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Desk Exercise Routine

For some, sitting at a desk for most of our day is unavoidable. Our desk exercise routine is designed to counteract the long hours of sitting without having to leave your desk.


A Smarter Way to Train Your Core

When it comes to pain prevention, having a strong core comes down to your ability to limit movement (rather than initiate movement like most traditional core exercises). The core’s ability to stop movement limits the amount of stress that gets put on our joints and prevents injuries. The following three exercises are our favorite core exercises for ‘limiting’ movement.

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Three Movements To Master

Three Movements To Master

Improper movements, when compounded over time, lead to the pain we associate with getting older.
Learning how to move properly ensures that we load our joints properly and thus, avoid the pain later in
life. The following three exercises train movements that everyone needs to master for long term pain relief
and improved functional performance.

Clinical Use of the Kettlebell

A powerful fitness tool, the kettlebell is also extremely beneficial in the clinical setting to help in relieving
pain, recovering from injury, and improving movement and strength for long term pain relief. Here we cover
a few kettlebell exercises and their clinical benefits.

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