Avoiding Running Injuries After the Age of 40

While a seemingly low impact activity- running can actually be one of the most injurious sports out there. You may notice that as you age you’re experiencing more pain and stiffness on yoru runs then before. The pain may even be bad enough to prevent you from running. Maybe you’ve been told to rest but every time you attempt to run the pain comes right back. The good news is that we can help - in fact running injuries are one of the most common things we treat in our clinic.

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Does This Sound like You?

  • Nagging injury limiting or taking away from the your running routine?

  • Wanting to get back into shape but scared of getting hurt again?

  • Noticed more pain and stiffness on your runs as you’ve gotten older?

  • Skeptical and unsure about seeking care because you've seen multiple providers with limited results?

  • Worried that the next step may be a costly and often debilitating surgery?

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